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A Dating & Relationship Guide for Women by L. Lynn Gilliard

Step Out Boldly Woman!When I was 22, I had this really cute pair of high heeled shoes. It was my favorite pair — I would wear them everywhere. I could party and dance all over the place with them on.

They were my “man-getters” I don’t think I ever came home after wearing them without some new guy’s number in my phone. They gave me a great arch, flexed my toned hamstrings. I felt so confident strutting down the street in them that men just couldn’t resist. That’s what Kelis meant when she sang about her “milkshake.”

Then I lost one of them and couldn’t find it anywhere. I didn’t wear them ever since and eventually tossed the other one in the garbage. Ironically there was a period around that time when my self confidence took a major dive and I started to have some really bad relationship experiences. Not saying one has a direct relationship with the other, but it is ironic.

I finally found the lost shoe by chance (over 10 years later) WHILE pondering how to reach my readers and followers.

This shoe represents a few things. It represents something very important that I lost… and finally found again. My CONFIDENCE in myself. My confidence in my womanhood.

Let HIM Chase YOU is a special guide that I put together to help women, young and older, to find and reclaim their self-confidence when it comes to dating and relationships.

You deserve better than what you’ve been settling for all these years. You deserve better. And you know it deep down.

That might be a loving, devoted husband or just a committed boyfriend who supports you and tells you when you have a booger hanging. But you have to make better choices for yourself.

Let Men Chase You - Dating Guide

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In my guide I touch on the following points:

– having sex with a guy too soon is like going to Dave and Busters, giving up $100 on tokens and then coming out tired and spent with nothing but a teddy bear and some cheap thrills to show for it!

– confidence in yourself is KEY to attracting and keeping men interested, hands down. I show you how to handle men in a way that will show them EXACTLY how they are to treat wonderful you.

– how the law of attraction is the most powerful tool in drawing DECENT men to you like a magnet. It’s as strong and real as the law of gravity. I show you how to use it to meet more guys who are your speed.

– when you demand that the guys you date come up to meet you at your level, watch as they scramble to do so.

Yes, some of these ideas you may have heard before, but did you really LISTEN? Did you actually implement those lessons in your dating life? Maybe you need to hear it again, from a loving big sister.

You may be doing it wrong — but there’s a better way!

Now if you’re content with the status quo, which is:

– getting “pumped and dumped” constantly

– being used as a last backup option in Friends with Benefits arrangements

– chasing after men and allowing them to ignore and disrespect you

– having sex with random guys who you don’t have a connection with and coming out of it with problems you can’t “solve” (30 minutes of pleasure for a lifetime of struggling)

By all means, click away from this page! Because this guide isn’t for you… at least not YET.

As for the women who are reading this and ready to open themselves to REAL RECIPROCAL love relationships with great guys, come closer. This is what you’ll learn:

* Why men are so attracted to strippers and bad girls, but ignore decent, educated women

* Why men ask you out for “drinks” and whether or not you should accept the invitation

* the hierarchy or priorities that men look at when it comes to settling down with a woman

* why some really beautiful women stay single all of the time

* how the law of attraction relates to your dating life

* why friends with benefits relationships spell disaster, and how you can avoid them

* how your childhood experiences and media training have affected your views about men and relationships

* the ONE WORD that can change the game and turn a life of booty calls into beautiful unions

The guide is written in an easy to read format. If you find yourself in a situation where you’d rather listen than read, such as at your desk at work, listen to it on your cellphone, iPad or computer.

I also provide you with a copy of my very special LOVE LETTER. Writing a love letter to myself was one of the most powerful ingredients in my own journey from being used and abused, and I’m passing it onto you now at no additional cost.

I’m confident that once you get into this book you will be hooked and having a number of AHA moments!

Let Men Chase You - Dating Guide

FREE at Audible (New Users)

What’s in the Guide :

15 Easy-to-read sections addressing your questions about men and dating.

“Why did he stop calling me?”

“Why did he lose interest?”

“Why doesn’t he see me as girlfriend material?”

Full access to the “Love Letter” that’s crucial to fill out before you go out on your next date

What You’ll Learn:

* How to recognize when a man is just toying with you

* Why men love bad girls and strippers (it’s quite simple)

* The single most irresistible thing about a woman

* How to avoid friends with benefits and booty calls

* What makes a man fall in love

* Much more!

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