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Get the Audio Version of Let Him Chase YOU by Lynn Gilliard Here

makehimchaseyouLet Me Talk to You… While You’re in Your Car, Working, Cooking or Winding Down at the End of the Day…

One of my favorite things to do for a couple of hours every day is listen to audiobooks. An audiobook is what saved me from sinking even deeper into a very bad depression.

So I’m so happy to present my relationship guide Let Him Chase YOU in audio format! It’s now available for download at iTunes.

I find that listening to audiobooks is not only more convenient (you can do other things at the same time) it also helps the information to sink in. Listen to it again and again… and again. A strange thing happens — the positivity and inspiration jumps out of the book and into your life!

Download Let Him Chase You by L. Lynn Gilliard at iTunes today:



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** Email loveletter – at – with your iTunes order number if you want a PDF copy of The Love Letter so that you can print it, fill it out and post it up on your mirror.

— Love Lynn

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