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How One Small Change Can Make All the Difference

I have been writing, creating, and sorting my groceries on the same table for several years now. Recently, I decided to move the table by about 3 feet from the wall so that I can do clearer video conferences. The result was astounding.

By simply shifting the position of the table where I sat, I created a whole new work space that inspires me and looks more like an office. The light that comes in from the window makes me look more vibrant. It seems like I have more room to move around and I have even been doing other artistic projects on the table.

Sometimes all it takes is one small change to make an amazing difference.

Are you feeling stifled and contained by the places where you frequent in your home? Maybe you just need ONE small change. One small change. And it might just take 10 minutes of your time.

Here are some ways that you can make a difference in your surroundings or yourself with just one simple change:

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One New or Additional Light Bulb

A new light fixture to brighten up a room can make a big difference. Go get a light bulb.

Adding One Plant

Not only do plants add a beautifying look to your surroundings, they also have the benefits of increasing the oxygen that you have in your home to feel refreshed each day.You might be surprised by just how much having one beautiful, lovely plant in your home can improve your mood.

Shifting One Piece of Furniture

If your furniture is in a certain arrangement for a very long time, you can get so used to it that you are not open to moving it around. Try moving your furniture even just a foot or two in a different direction and see what happens.

Reduce Contacting That One Person Who Makes You Feel Bad About Yourself

Is there a certain person in your life who after talking to them you feel worse about yourself? The one change you can make is to simply not respond to this person when they try to get in touch with you. If you must, just send them a text and say that you are all right. Busy. Whatever you have to say.

Cooking One Good Meal

You don’t have to be the best chef in the world in order to cook one good meal. Mac and cheese. Pasta and tomato sauce. Guacamole. Spinach, mushrooms, and broccoli. And sometimes that one good meal can make all the difference in your day or even your week.

Completing One Home Project

If you own a home or even want to beautify your apartment, doing one home project can really improve your mood and make you feel like you have accomplished something important. Have a room that you want to paint? Yard cleanup?

Cleaning One Room in Your Home

The idea of having to clean your entire home in one day can make you want to curl up in your bed with a bag of cookies and go to sleep. But if you instead make an intention of just cleaning one room in your house on a particular day thoroughly, that can actually happen.

Car Wash

A lot of car washes offer monthly plans now where you can pay $20 to $40 per month to have your car washed thoroughly whenever you want. Even if you don’t want to get on the monthly plan, you can take your car in for a quick $10 wash to make you and your baby feel refreshed. You can drive knowing that your ride is shining and gleeming in the sunlight.

One Call to Someone You Love (And Loves You Back)

Keep out the drama. That doesn’t matter anymore. Love your people and let go of any issues you may have with them. Hold onto your real loved ones.

One Loving Gesture

I think this is the best way to close out this blog post. From my experience, the best way to do one thing that is beneficial is to do a loving gesture toward some someone whether it is a stranger, a family member, a friend, a pet, or just yourself.

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