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Let Him Chase Me? But, Isn’t Persistence Key? Women Ask

In my books and blogs I advise women to let men chase you, but some women don’t quite get it.

They’ve been taught that they have to go after the man that they want HARD and do whatever it takes to get him.

They believe that persistence is key to getting a man.

And that’s true, just not in the way that they think.

Persistence is key to getting the man that you want in your life but not by actually chasing him and trying to convince him that you’re the one.

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This is the type of persistence needed when you want a healthy long lasting relationship:

1) Persistence in your thought life — envisioning the right man to enter your life and start chasing YOU

2) Persistence in your quest for self-improvement and self-love, so that when the right guy comes along you’ll be ready

3) Persistence in your commitment to say NO to the wrong guys, NO the wrong situations and NO to settling for less than the best for you in life

Get it now?

Once you make the definite decision that you want a special guy in your life, closing the deal starts in your mind and ends with making the right decisions, not for a man’s sake, for YOUR sake.

No chasing necessary!

Love Lynn



Lynn Gilliard is the author of a popular relationship guide entitled Let Him Chase YOU. Her latest book Sing While You’re Single offers advice to women who want to remain single for the time being while still maintaining their belief in the power and possibility of love.

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