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Staying Focused These Days

Thoughts from My Friend Lauren

At a time when we are dealing with a lot of chaos and confusion in the world, it may help to hear about how others are managing things. I have been dealing with a barrage of concerns, all at the same time, including social isolation due to the pandemic of 2020, family dramas, and numerous other issues. It takes a lot to keep it together. I think about how other people are managing.

This is a guest post written by Lauren Keslow, a dear friend of mine. You might be able to relate to some of her words. Love Lynn

With all of the things going on in the world at the moment, it’s very difficult to stay focused these days. I live alone, and I’m very grateful to have a safe space to create and just be. I’m going back to work soon, so it will be good have a consistent schedule again.

Most of the people I miss at the moment are in California, where my family lives, and I’m living on the east coast. It’s been such a great experience living on the east coast, because I’ve learned a lot about myself, and having the ability to survive no matter what. I’ve met some amazing people and it’s been challenging and interesting at times.

I miss my family, and I would like to visit them soon, hopefully at the end of summer. I also miss some friends, because like millions of other people, I’ve been spending my days at home. Some days are good and I feel really productive and creative, and other days I feel lonely and I want to run away from everything. 

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Something enlightening I’ve learned this past year is my owning my resilience. And also knowing that the ability to love ourselves is a journey and a continual process. I’ve had a difficult time battling negative thoughts and ongoing negative thought patterns simply because I’ve had to do that on my own.

We have to learn to combat those thoughts on our own, and no one teaches them to us. Searching for positive media and encouragement from ourselves is somewhat of a daily task, but it’s definitely feasible I think. 

Lauren Keslow is an esthetician and artist from California, currently residing on the East Coast. Follow her on social media: @LaurenKeslow or @styledbylaurenrose

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