You Deserve Love AND Respect

Let Him Chase YOU

So many women of today have been brainwashed to think that they have to chase after men in order to have one.

But the truth is that when you chase after a man, all he does is RUN!

The best course of action is to relax, be confident, love yourself, take care of YOURSELF and let men chase YOU.

Let Him Chase YOU is a dating advice book for women that discusses exactly why this process is necessary if you want a healthy long term relationship with a great guy.

makehimchaseyouLove and light, always!

Let Him Chase You Book on Audible

Lynn Gilliard

Lynn Gilliard is the author of a popular relationship guide entitled Let Him Chase YOU. Her latest book Sing While You’re Single offers advice to women who want to remain single for the time being while still maintaining their belief in the power and possibility of love.

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